Isabel March is a recent graduate of Wake Forest University and current Fulbright scholar in Bogota, Colombia. In school she studied Art History, Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Communications, and worked and interned at media outlets such as The Hill Latino, La Revista Revolver, and WNRN, as well as at Winston-Salem art institutes including The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art and Start Gallery, the Wake Forest student art gallery.

Passionate for all facets of creativity and art, Isabel works as a jazz singer and writes and performs original compositions on guitar and ukulele. She also pursues photography and journalism, striving to capture local art and culture with both compassion and respect.

The purpose of this blog has evolved over the years, and now serves to unite all of Isabel’s creative endeavors in one place. But its primary function as a place to record travel writing remains. One thing has held true in the heart and mind of this ever-growing and ever-changing student: a desire to travel.

When done correctly, travel is never for oneself. Travel is an exercise in learning compassion, humility, and truth. In acknowledging suffering and privilege. In taking that knowledge and applying it for the good, for the betterment of lives and for the protection of environmental and cultural landmarks.

In an effort to gain global comprehension, Isabel has lived in Italy, Argentina, Chile, and Spain, as well passing her childhood nestled in the blue arms of Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains and the Shenandoah river valley. This rural home, as well as its lifelong friends and family, provide the inspiration for a great deal of Isabel’s music.

To leave the reader with a remnant of the younger Isabel, a quote from this blog when it was first started four years ago:

“I am young still. Before me lies a lifetime of moments, memories, and adventures. It is my duty and desire to see and explore the world that I’m so fortunate to be a part of. So let’s go! There’s too much to see to hesitate a moment more!

Dear reader, I would like to invite you on a journey. A journey through this big, blue world of endless discovery so that together, we may find and understand the various cultures, histories, and natural environments that give life its pizzazz and infinite intrigue. Pack light and dream big.”

Download resume here.


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